Free Consultation Service


Once you’ve decided you want to join up, you’ll need to fill out our application form. When your application to train has been accepted, we then need to have a talk about your lifestyle, nutritional habits and goals – our free consultation service. Ultimately, why are you training with us?

Some of these questions will have already been answered in your application, but we now have a chance to delve deeper into what you want to achieve with us and what has gone wrong in the past.

Free Health Assessment Service


Before your first training session, we’ll ask you to arrive 15 minutes early so we can complete a questionnaire – part of our free health assessment service.

This will involve taking your blood pressure and some anthropometric data (height, weight etc.). It is likely that you will also perform the 3-minute YMCA Step Test – this measures your cardiovascular fitness based on age and ending heart rate.You will also perform some basic functional movements to determine possible areas of muscular imbalance that would be marked for improvement.


As you are probably aware, everyone is different. We all have our little quirks and distinct personality traits along with diverse anatomical make-ups – we’re all built differently. Not only are we physically and psychologically unique, each individual client has their own personal desires which in the fitness world are termed ‘client goals’.

Together we will determine what these goals are and how best to achieve them. What may work for one client may not work for another which is why each programme is tailored to the individual.

Take a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages to see some of our clients in action!


While it is vital that we work physically hard in and out of the studio in a structured and programmed format, nutrition is a crucial component of any exercise programme. A common saying is 20% gym, 80% nutrition – this is an arbitrary ratio but the message is clear.

We work closely with each client along their fitness journey to ensure the nutritional aspects are moving in the right direction. We don’t expect cold turkey changes regarding eating habits – a slow, controlled adjustment is often the correct approach as after all, we are looking at lifestyle modification for long-term benefits and not just a quick fix.


With each client we like to provide an assurance – if you can make a commitment to control your nutrition and train 2-3 days per week with 2 days on your own, we can give you a 100% guarantee.

We firmly believe that with the right attitude, any dream body can be achieved (pretty much!). Train hard, train smart and you will see the results. More information on our guarantee can be found on our Refunds and Cancellations page.

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