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Published by Ali Hitch -
on 11th October 2015
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Hello everyone! Well after a long time our new website is up and running. We’ve spent quite a long time with the re-design to make sure it’s as functional and importantly, efficient as possible.

We were lucky enough to find a fab web developer who we’ve been working with closely to iron out all of the kinks. We hope you like the new site and find it useful! (not quite yet, articles to follow)


Information Updates

We still need to update pages like those in the ‘Legal Documents’ section which we’ll be planning to do ASAP.


Blog & Client Updates

We’ll be constantly updating the site with new articles and information in our blogging section, along with providing updates on how our current and any new clients are progressing.

As you can see on the success stories page, we will have a number of our clients who will share their fitness stories, describing their journey from before they joined us, to where they are now.

At the time of writing, we are still creating the client testimonial videos and pictures which we hope to add soon. Once we have our first client update we’ll make sure it gets posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


Strength & Conditioning

In other news, Ali has just started his Masters degree in Strength & Conditioning at St. Marys University. so you’ll be seeing lots of videos of ‘attempted’ Olympic lifts (which should get better!) and video analysis of  his trainee athletes in order to assess technique and then establish corrective programmes.

All of the students where asked to create ‘VLOG’ (video log) to show who they are and what they have done. Below you can see Ali’s introductory vlog.

Stay tuned for lots more action!

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