Published by Mariya Ivanova -
on 16th February 2016
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What is FitCamp

Our Fitcamp class was originally started back in 2012 when a few players from the Surbiton Hockey Club ladies team suggested some sort of fitness class for the evenings over the summer when hockey was no longer on – we gladly took up the challenge and have been running summer fitness classes every year since!


Who is it for

Everybody! We do not have any age limits for those wanting to attend a Fitcamp session – as long as you can move freely without pain and have the motivation to push yourself hard we are happy for any and all to attend. A mandatory sense of humour is required and a top attitude towards having fun and playing games is necessary – we play A LOT of games.


How much does it cost

Sessions are £6 but you are required to purchase a ‘pack’ of classes – we do not offer single session prices. There are two reasons for this:

  1. To ensure you are committed to attending and not wasting the space of somebody else who would want to turn up but can’t due to classes being filled by ‘random single sessions’.
  2. To ensure that you see some real benefit from attending – we would much rather have somebody determined to lose weight/improve fitness so that we can help you achieve this goal week in, week out.

Any further questions on sessions can be answered by looking through our Terms & Conditions and Refunds & Cancellations pages.


How can I join up

If you have not trained with us before, please fill out our forms on our Join Up page. Once you have completed the forms, we’ll get in touch to create an account for you and get you booked onto the class. From your online account, you can schedule your classes and manage your payments.

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